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OCTOBER 3, 2018

President Linda Miller called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  Sharyn Leiding offered prayer.  PACE Officer Jobes reported on criminal activity  in the past month and provided details (larcenies, number of arrests, pets stolen from yards).  A Virtual Neighborhood Watch program has been established to aid the police; your home security camera may be utilized for identification of criminals.  Information sheets were distributed for folks to voluntarily register online to participate.   Officer Jobes responded to questions pertaining to illegal drug dealing, abandoned and/or expired license cars, flat tires, availability of parking for festival events. 

The treasurer’s report indicated a balance in the checking account of $910.05, which was accepted.  Minutes of the September 5 meeting were approved as appeared in the newsletter.

Speaker Norfolk City Treasurer Daun Hester, stated that every day is a learning experience.  She assured us that our tax money is accurately accounted for and accurately dispersed.  There are 30 members on staff.  Her goal, when taking office, was to have no more than seven people waiting in line; for that reason she has hired four additional cashiers.  Funds are brought to the Treasurer’s Office and deposited daily.  More citizens are opting to make online tax payments.  She encouraged us to make partial payments as soon as a tax statement is received in order to avoid late fees and fines.   Questions were answered regarding where our tax dollars are allocated, check the city council’s budget (also online).  Extenuating circumstances might be grounds for waiving penalties.  We were reminded to inform the Commissioner of the Revenue in the event of a change of address or sale of a vehicle.

New Business:  The Executive Committee recommended that, due to budget constraints, we provide Thanksgiving meals and new toys for children at Ocean View Elementary School, but eliminate the Christmas meals.  The motion was passed.  Nicole Bautista volunteered to take charge of the Thanksgiving project.

Chad Parker thanked the seven adults and two children who helped pick up an excessive amount of litter around Pretlow Library on September 30.

Rockefeller in Ocean View is in the planning stages; Lee Ann Bennington will be emailing the date of the next planning meeting.  Volunteers are needed to make a successful event.

Meryl Butler, instructor at Ocean View Arts, has written and published a book about quilting.  The Expo event, canceled due to Hurricane Florence, will be held indoors on October 6 at Military Circle, 11 am-6 pm.  

Dr. Peterson, Principal of OV Elementary School, extended an invitation, via Chad Parker, for us to attend a Harvest Fair on school grounds on Wednesday, October 24, 4:30-7.    A clean-up is scheduled for the sand dunes behind the school on Saturday, October 27,  9-12, and we were encouraged to join the effort.

Chip Broadbent would like to post OVCL minutes and announcements on NextDoor.com. in an attempt to gain more members.

Door prizes, provided by Linwood Fisher, Jim and Sunny Hahn and Meryl Butler, were given.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Leiding, Secretary

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AUGUST 1, 2018


President Linda Miller called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  She led us in prayer.  Linda welcomed guests from other civic leagues who had been especially invited to hear tonight’s speaker. 

PACE Officers Pierce and Cevora provided details related to criminal activity during the past month and took note of reported instances of drug dealing and speeding.


U.S. Congressman Scott Taylor stressed his interest in the military and veterans, and identified himself as a former Navy SEAL and Iraq War Veteran.  He has succeeded in securing spots on the House Appropriations Committee as well as homeland security.  This position enables him to affect appropriations for veterans’ affairs and defense spending as it relates to military readiness and maintenance, which impacts the economy of Hampton Roads.  His legislation for accountability at the Veterans Administration Health Care System has been signed by the president.  He is leading efforts to get money restored in the budget for cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay.  He is opposed to off shore drilling but believes it is responsible to inventory such proposals.  Regarding social security, he is trying to create a lock box situation so that congress can’t use those funds.  He spoke of his campaign integrity, opposition to political candidates being disenfranchised, wind farms, climate change and his belief in the science supporting it, integrating ODU and William and Mary into action and discussions.   In regard to the separated immigrant families being portrayed in the media, there are laws in place that this administration has decided to enforce, some of which need to be changed.  There is a process for passing legislation and there are layers of authority for doing so.  Having spent years in South Central America, he has witnessed the money making traffickers of people and children attempting to cross our borders.  A ruling came down today regarding funding for sanctuary cities.  Congressman Taylor’s office is located at Town Center, 1 Columbus Center, Suite 900 in Virginia Beach and we are here to serve you.  [email protected] , 757-234-2020


Treasurer Lee Ann Bennington’s report was read which concluded with a balance of $911.06 in the OVCL checking account.  Minutes of the June 6 meeting were approved as they appear in the newsletter.  (We did not meet in July.)


NEW:  Linda made us aware that a previously reported concern from an OVCL member over garbage leakage, unpleasant odor, and broken fence behind OV Shopping Center is being addressed by Nubaum Company. Our area is only as good as we make it.  Call Norfolk Cares, (757) 664-6510, when requesting assistance for issues about which you are concerned.

There is a new roof on the bath house at OV beach.  Harris Teeter will be opening at the OV shopping center next summer.  Meryl Butler, Ocean View Arts, has received bird sculptures which she would like to exhibit to beautify the area.  It was reported that attempts are being made to relocate some of the artists from D’Art to the Ocean View area, where some vacant stores are available.  Greenie’s will be closing in October or later. (See note below.)


Door prizes provided by Chad Parker and Linda Miller were given.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Leiding , Secretary


The delay in submitting these minutes was due to an emergency health problem on the part of the secretary, who left the meeting during “new business.”


At the August 16 meeting of the Advisory Committee, it was told to President Linda Miller that Greenie’s will be closing on Wednesday, September 5.  (correction September 15)


                                          MINUTES OF MEETING OF OCEAN VIEW CIVIC LEAGUE

JULY 6, 2016

President Linda Miller called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  Sharyn Leiding offered prayer.  PACE Officer Jobes reported on criminal activities during the past month.  The next Citizens Police Academy is scheduled for August 25-November 17.  Register via phone 757-664-6922 and leave a voice mail message directed to Officer Sarmiento.

Minutes of the June 1 meeting were approved.  Treasurer Lee Ann Bennington reported a balance in the checking account of $999.40.

Sharyn encouraged OVCL members to sign up for either July 15, 16 or 17 to assist in the sale of lemonade; all proceeds go to Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in their fight against pediatric cancer.

Carmen Carcamo has operated Carmen’s Market and Café at 9610 First View Street since 2011.  She has applied for an alcoholic beverage license and seeks the approval of OVCL.  Approval was granted.

Ron and Lee Ann Bennington were presented with framed certificates honoring their achievements for OVCL’s best marketing tool, our newsletter, and OVCL’s best neighborhood event, Rockefeller in Ocean View.  Linda had the honor of accepting the first place award (a crystal plaque) for best marketing tool at a recent workshop/luncheon held at Virginia Wesleyan College sponsored by Norfolk’s Department of Neighborhood Development.

Juan Morgan highlighted the EARNN program.  He has attended a training session and will provide more information about the possibilities for earning money for OVCL through recycling next month.  [email protected] .

Director of Public Works David Ricks, using a power point presentation, spoke about the closure of the West Ocean View Flyover based on safety concerns.   Safety Engineer John Stevenson spoke about observations conducted to measure the effect on traffic flow since the July 5 closure.  There has been an increase in vehicular traffic onto Balview Avenue and additional signage will be installed to address that concern.  The possibility of making Balview a one-way street, replacing a dead-end sign on Government Avenue, were among topics discussed.  On August 3 there will be a community engagement dialogue to address the effectiveness of the new traffic pattern and related issues.

Councilman Tommy Smigiel assured us that community input is valued and apologized for what seemed an abrupt flyover closure decision.  The city welcomes our input.

Ocean View now has flags on display with the new marketing logo and that is something to be celebrated.  The Virginia Symphony Concert on May 29 provided a quality start for the summer season at the gazebo.  Entertainment by The Deloreans will accompany Brews on the Bay, July 22, a craft beer sampling event.

Tommy introduced Mayor Kenny Alexander and praised him for his interest in Ocean  View.  Mayor Alexander called our area of the city a real jewel that he appreciates.

Conversations with developers are underway that could benefit our area of the city. Both Mayor Alexander and Councilman Smigiel expressed appreciation for Linda Miller’s efforts to promote Ocean View.

Door prizes, provided by Linwood Fisher and Joan Tank, were given.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Leiding, Secretary

FOOTNOTE:  Following up on Wednesday’s presentation, an email was received from the Director of Public Works, Mr. David Ricks, stating that additional signage/markings are in place to improve traffic routing.  These include: 

(1) Do not Block Intersection at northbound Tidewater Drive,

(2) At the Balview Avenue intersection, To Ocean View Ave with left arrow sign below the Local Traffic Only, 

(3) At southbound Tidewater Drive, Left Turn Arrow pavement markings just after the overpass, 

(4) At the overpass, a new supplemental yellow panel sign mounted below the existing Ocean View Ave Use Left Lane

The process to make Balview a one-way street is being considered.

The cut through on Government Avenue is under consideration.


Sharyn Leiding, Secretary     


JULY 1, 2015

President Al Saunders called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. He offered a prayer of thanks for the service and protection provided by our police officers and firemen.

PACE Officer Folscher introduced 2nd lieutenant Don Huff and provided details for incidents that have occurred in the past month. Extra vigilance at the bus stop has been noted and appreciated.

Virginia Zoo’s Executive Director Greg Bockheim spoke about recent acquisitions of animals, the new Animal Wellness Center Hospital and Diet Kitchen, presentation stage, plans for a solar powered canopy, redesign of the reptile building, repainting of farm buildings, hand wash fountain installation, cardio care exam of orangutang with assistance from Sentara Hospital, reintroduction of wallabies following toxoplasmosis and the demise of wallabies several years ago, Riverstar status, mission emphasis, conservation and education, Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accreditation, elephant management as it pertains to Lisa and Cita along with scientific recommendations for elderly elephants, and introduction of white rhinoceroses. His Powerpoint presentation showed a variety of rare animals, such as a baby mountain zebra, trainable pigs, ducks from South America called screamers, and various birds from Singapore. In the zoo’s gift shop are animal creations made from discarded flip flops that have washed up on the beaches and waterways of Kenya.

Al reminded us of the Anthem Lemonade Sale in July – weekend of 17th in front of Farm Fresh. Please sign up to help; all money goes to fight pediatric cancer for children at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD).

Candidate for State Senate, Richard Ottinger, introduced himself and offered to answer questions after the meeting.

Treasurer Lee Ann Looman reported a balance in the treasury of $783.63. A check from Kroger was received, $48.69, in response to our registration with their Community Rewards Program. Minutes of the June 3 meeting were approved as they appear in the newsletter.

Linda Miller, Vice President, reported that annual dues of $20 have been paid to Federation of Civic Leagues. Chad Parker, 2nd Vice President, told of the death of member Jean Jenkins and asked that we sign a sympathy card. Future projects maintaining our status with the city’s recycling and cleanup program require that we plant trees which will be provided, as well as making a presentation to boy or girl scouts.

Door prizes provided by Lee Ann Looman, Linda Miller and Chad Parker were given.

Sharyn Leiding, Secretary


JUNE 3, 2015

President Al Saunders called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Sharyn Leiding offered prayer.

PACE Officer Marshall, substituting for Officer Sarmiento, reported of incidents that occurred in the last month. Larceny from autos is prevalent throughout the city; be vigilant in removing items of value and lock vehicles. An address where drug deals may be taking place was given.

Sabrina Rogers, owner of Arabian Nights, a hookah lounge, 9651 D 1st View Street, is celebrating one year in business. She plans to add a restaurant featuring salads, sandwiches, and wraps, as well as wine and beer. Her clientele is primarily military. There was no objection from OVCL.

Linda Miller, First Vice President, reminded us that Saturday, June 6 is designated as Clean the Bay Day. Advance registration is required of volunteers; all provisions are provided. Our area extends from the beach to A View Avenue. Cleanup begins at 9 a.m.

A means of connecting with your neighbor is through the website NextDoor.com. Privacy is protected and information is shared regarding pertinent subjects of interest. Look for details in next month’s newsletter.

As a retired RN, Linda spoke about the need for updating our vaccinations, especially since adults are getting childhood diseases. The ramification of many of the diseases is painful, but preventable.

Al spoke about the advantages of keeping our property in prime condition through repairs and/or upgrades. He cited examples from personal experience as a paint contractor. It is important to power wash exterior surfaces before painting. When hiring a contractor, check their business license as well as their insurance.

Treasurer Lee Ann Looman reported a balance of $805.43 in the checking account. Receipts included a new advertiser and civic league membership. Only expense was printing of the newsletter.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved as they appear in the newsletter.

Door prizes provided by Linda Miller and Sharyn Leiding were given.

Al explained that the city’s welcome center closed due to the low volume of people who used it.

Go to Norfolk.gov to find the new map listing places that are in the flood zones.

Sharyn Leiding, Secretary


MAY 6, 2015

President Al Saunders called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. He offered a brief prayer. PACE Officer Sarmiento gave details about incidents within OVCL boundaries.

Karen Rudd, representing Norfolk’s Public Art Program, showed the artistic images created in response to a survey completed by Ocean View residents. These will be painted on the exterior walls of restrooms at Ocean View Beach Park. A sealer will be applied to protect the artwork from the elements. The images are shown in this month’s OVCL newsletter.

Master Gardeners Donna Van Keuren and Kay Egan told of a dune garden that has been created at the end of 27th Bay Street. It contains native plants that thrive in sandy soil. We were encouraged to visit the garden. Seed samples were distributed to all.


Community Day will be Saturday, May 9 at First Church of God.

According to Linda Miller, the new playground on Maple Avenue, geared for children ages 5-12, will be maintained for a year by a local sorority. We are invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, May 16, 11 a.m.

Discussion about the dog park next to the playground revealed that the Ocean View Business Association, responsible for its upkeep, dissolved in November 2014. Barry Millard and friends who frequent the dog park on a regular basis, have assumed responsibility for cleaning it on the 2nd Saturday of each month. They have applied new gravel and mulch; Parks and Recreation cut the grass.

Recycle Norfolk Day is Saturday, May 16. Take items to 1176 Pineridge Road between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Clean the Bay Day is Saturday, June 6.

Linda learned that Willoughby Elementary School will not become a community center when its students are shifted to Ocean View Elementary.

The following people were elected to serve OVCL – all incumbents. President Al Saunders, 1st VP Linda Miller, 2nd VP Chad Parker, Treasurer Lee Ann Looman, and Secretary Sharyn Leiding.

There will be a fundraiser to benefit American Cancer Society on May 16

(8 a.m.-2 p.m.), Ocean View Fishing Pier. Jo Tank stated that there will be prizes in various categories. The league voted to sponsor a lemonade sale in July to benefit CHKD’s pediatric cancer unit.

Councilman Tommy Smigiel reported that there is no tax increase in the city’s next budget and that there has been an upgrade in our bond rating. Ocean View’s conservation funds will remain in place. Recreation centers are being added to some of the new schools. The old visitor center is now closed. It might possibly be the site for a recreation center. Beach sand replenishment will start in November. FestEvents wants to revamp Friday and Sunday night events at Ocean View in order to attract younger people. Contact Linda Miller and Linwood Fisher for updated information; they represent OVCL at task force meetings. Regarding a letter of opposition written to the city’s planning commission, Tommy stated that 7-11 will close the facility next to Café 905. Southland Corporation is willing to create a beach design on the proposed new store at Ocean View Avenue and Chesapeake Street.

Treasurer Lee Ann Looman reported an account balance of $819.23.

Door prizes given by Sunny Hahn and Sharyn Leiding were given.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Leiding, Secretary


APRIL 1, 2015

President Al Saunders called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Sharyn Leiding offered a brief prayer.

Police Officer Elmer reported on 24 incidents, most of them directed at vehicles. Beginning May 4, the police will be patrolling the beach.

Robert Blizard, Executive Director of Norfolk SPCA, invited us to visit the facility, 916 Ballentine Boulevard, and see the upgrades that have been made. Basically, the Norfolk SPCA is a no-kill organization and also advocates for trap-neuter-release (TNR) of feral cats. They are hoping to achieve financial and resource stability, create a 90% safe rate for dogs and cats in Hampton Roads, as well as secure a new building. The organization was able to expedite 800 adoptions and neuter/spay 6,000 animals in 2014. They work with rescue groups, Care-A-Lot and PetSmart in promotions. The price of adoptions is negotiable. The “Seniors for Seniors” program includes medical benefits. Wellness, preventative medicine, surgical procedures are available at prices below private veterinary charges. A joint training session with SPCA’s in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake is forthcoming. [email protected]

Representatives from the city’s Office of Special Events, Erin Quigley and Ashley Johnson, described their role in planning outdoor events. Requests, applications are processed through them, separate from FestEvents. They handle 250-300 events per year. Their focus is primarily on prime waterfront parks, Town Point Park and Ocean View Beach Park. They encourage people or organizations to apply at least 30 days in advance of the event; large events should be requested 90 days in advance.

Juan Morgan reported on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Partnering with the Lions Club was seen as positive. The distribution of candy was popular. We have 3 cases of beads left for next year. Juan will be returning to New Orleans and will bring back more beads for 2016, thus saving the cost of shipping.

Election of OVCL officers will take place next month, May 6. There were no new candidates nominated.

Treasurer Lee Ann Looman reported a balance in the treasury of $791.47.

Door prizes provided by Debra Burrell and Sunny Hahn were given.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Leiding, Secretary


MARCH 4, 2015

President Al Saunders called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Sharyn Leiding offered a brief prayer.

Police Officer Sarmiento reported on 9 incidents that occurred in February. The Citizen’s Academy course will be offered and applications were available. Chad Parker told of the police response to drivers on Ocean View Elementary School grounds during the recent snowstorm.

Linda Miller introduced Carlton Ray Ransom, Department of Neighborhood Development for the City of Norfolk. While recently applying for the December 2015 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, it was learned that the permit fee has been raised from $300 to $525. Mr. Ransom assured us that it is Festevents that sets permit fees for activities at Ocean View Beach Park. However, OVCL may be eligible for a block-by-block mini grant of $500. (The source of the funds is a portion of the city’s budget.) The grant application will be available online tomorrow and, if we are awarded the amount, the monies will be released by the end of May or first of June.

The city has finally identified three contractors capable of creating and maintaining signs requested by OVCL to read “OCEAN VIEW” and are to be placed at specific locations in the community. Mr. Ransom apologized for the mishandling of the request made two years ago.

Debra Burrell reported that an artist has been chosen to create murals on the outside walls of two restrooms at Ocean View Beach Park. Work should be completed by the end of summer.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 14 – A motion was made, seconded and passed that OVCL purchase bead necklaces at an approximate cost of $220. Juan Morgan will provide extras and supervise float decoration. Wayne Schindler pledged $50 toward the bead purchase. Al asked if anyone wanted to ride on the float with Lions Club, as we will combine efforts with that organization. Yoshi, a new member of OVCL, will march with us in the parade and hand out fliers to promote his business. The Lions Club will distribute candy.

Treasurer Lee Ann Looman reported $897.95 in the checking account.

Minutes of the February meeting were accepted as written in the newsletter.

Announcements were read that had been received too late to be included in the newsletter, but were forwarded to all members – Teens with a Purpose, conservation workshop at Forest Lawn Cemetery, pictorial history of Norfolk memorial art/architecture at Pretlow Library, and Easter Egg Hunt.

Nominations for officers of OVCL should be presented at our April meeting with election in May.

Four people stationed aboard USS Kearsage spoke about their willingness to serve in the community. Their organization, Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD), attempts to direct off-duty sailors to constructive activities. They were immediately asked to assist the Navy Wives Club by placing wreaths on graves in Hampton.

Chad Parker encouraged the young people to come out on March 22, at

1 p.m. to help OVCL pick up litter around Pretlow Library as part of the Keep America Beautiful Campaign.

Door prizes, provided by Debra Burrell, Lee Ann Looman and Sharyn Leiding were given.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Leiding


FEBRUARY 4, 2015

President Al Saunders called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. He led us in a brief prayer.

Police Officer B.A. Elmer, Community Resources Division, reported 20 incidents in January.

Representing Oast and Taylor Trust and Elder Law, attorney Stephen Taylor spoke to the group about items of concern for adults. Elder law addresses wills and change of beneficiaries, estate planning, long term care, veteran benefits, planning, elder abuse, dispute with family members, documents that need to be in place, investment accounts, life insurance, definition of a trust and its implications, probate, death tax, power of attorney, advanced medical directive, guardianship, long term care planning and the steps required to insure that your will is in good order should you need to enter an assisted living facility. Examples were cited and discussion followed as to the best outcome to achieve your wishes as end-of-life decisions are planned in advance.

Treasurer Lee Ann Looman reported a balance in the treasury of $429.75. It is time to renew membership in OVCL, $10 per year.

Ron Bennington has enrolled OVCL in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. After registering with Kroger, each purchase at Kroger using the Kroger Plus card will be recorded and ultimately reap financial rewards to OVCL, an easy way to raise funds. Details are listed in the newsletter.

We were reminded that Spring Clean Up is scheduled for Sunday, March 22, beginning at 1 p.m. Meet at Pretlow Library; gloves and bags will be provided. Mark your calendar and plan to devote an hour to this endeavor to improve our community’s appearance.

Door prizes, provided by Sunny Hahn and Linda Miller were given.

Respectfully submitted,

Sunny Hahn


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