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Crime prevention is most successful when citizens get involved.  Here are some basic prevention tips to reduce your chances of being a victim of crime.

·         Doors:  equip with a viewer and deadbolt lock

·         Windows:  secure your windows.  Draw shades or curtains after dark

·         Trees and Shrubbery: Keep it trimmed in front of windows.  Shrubbery can provide a hiding place for criminals.

·         Keys and Locks:  Remove your house keys from your ring when your car is at the mechanic’s.  Do not leave a key under your doormat or in other places where a criminal could find it.

·         Answering the door:   remember you do not have to answer the door.   Do not allow a stranger to come in to use your phone-offer to make the call for them.  Have your phone or car keys handy when you answer the door, so you can call 911 in an emergency or hit the alarm button for your car.

·         Answering the phone:  Do not give personal information to a stranger over the phone or reveal whether you are home alone.

·         Going on vacation:  stop deliveries and mail.  Remove valuables from view.  Have a trusted friend check on your house if necessary.

·         Address numbers:  ensure your hose numbers are visible during the day and at night, so emergency services can find your house if necessary.

·         If your home is burglarized:  don’t go back in your home.  Call the police immediately.  Do not touch anything.

·         When walking:  walk near curbs and away from alleys and doorways.  Do not carry too much.  Be aware of your surroundings at all time.

·         In your car:  lock your car doors at all times.  If someone approaches your car, have your cell phone handy.  Do not leave valuables in view.

·         If attacked on the street:  run to the nearest residence or business.  Cries for help discourage criminals.  Try and remember accurate details bout the attacker (clothing, face, hair, eye color, and height)

Remember to report suspicious or illegal activity to the police immediately.  Give an accurate description of the person, location, or vehicle.  Do not carry large sums of money in your purse or wallet.  Be wary of approaching strangers.  The Crime Prevention Unit of Norfolk Police Dept. offers a free service to help homeowners & business owners improve security.  To schedule a Security Survey, contact Norfolk Police Crime Prevention Unit at 664-6901.


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